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Real Estate Flyers

For Real Estate Agents;

We have been printing Real Estate flyers for a number of Real Estate Agents. You to can enjoy fast friendly service and speedy turnaround on your flyers. We can even design for you! Our prices are very competitive so why don't you enquire today?

Best of all, you can choose to have your flyers printed sustainably on FSC mixed source papers.

What to do if you need your flyers ASAP;

  • Call Mark on 0419 728 758 - I'm at the office most of the time, but like you I pop out from time to time.
  • Email your file to info@mergeprintmail.com.au
  • Include quantity and size required as well your contact details.
  • File types we accept - publisher, pdf, jpg, bmp, photoshop, word, powerpoint etc.
  • Remember to keep your file under 10MB or you will need to upload the file to our ftp site. Download the step by step instructions here. Or try emailing each page seperately, or even bring me a USB stick with your files on it - which might by quicker.
  • Once we receive the file, we will prepare your file for printing, print and cut to size if necessary.
  • When ready we will phone you.
  • What to do if you don't require immediate turnaround;

  • Email your file to info@mergeprintmail.com.au
  • File types we accept as above.
  • Include the quantity and size required and your contact details.
  • Date / Time you expect your flyers to be ready to collect.
  • Delivery address if not collecting.
  • Don't forget about our design services, we can custom design a flyer to your requirements and email you a proof before printing.

    Click here to download a .pdf of our latest price list.

    For members of the public;

    Are you thinking about selling or buying a property?
    Do you care about our environment?

    Ask your Real Estate agent to use Merge Print Mail for all your advertising and contract printing requirements in putting your property on the market. All your printing can be done using much less resources and up to 95% less energy than Laser or offset printing. And you can choose from 100% recycled post consumer waste paper or FSC Mixed sources paper. It's clearly a better choice for our environment.

    With our super-fast turnaround times, We can deliver directly to you or your Reat Estate Agent next day, anywhere in Australia.

    This .pdf will explain more about our environmentally friendly printing methods.

    Click here to email us your Real Estate Agents contact details and we will do the rest.

    Want to learn more about our green printing?

  • Information about our commitment to our environment.
  • What we can Green Print.
  • Other Green Products we can supply.