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Eco Real Estate Flyers

  • Are you thinking about selling or buying a property?
  • Do you care about our environment?
  • Do you want a sustainable and green option for advertising and promoting your property?
  • The Real Estate industry print hundreds of thousands of flyers on a weekly basis advertising properties. Do your bit for the environment by asking your Real Estate agent to use us for all your advertising and contract printing requirements in putting your property on the market.

    How are these flyers environmentally friendly?

  • Printed using much less resources than laser or offset printing
  • Printed using up to 95% less energy than laser or offset printing
  • Printed on 100% recycled post consumer waste paper or FSC mixed sources paper
  • This is clearly a better choice for our environment
  • With our super-fast turnaround times, we can deliver directly to you or your Real Estate Agent next day, anywhere in Australia.

    This .pdf will explain more about our environmentally friendly printing methods.

    Click here to email us your Real Estate Agents contact details and we will do the rest.

    Or alternatively, copy and paste this link into your email to your Real Estate agent; www.mergeprintmail.com.au/reflyers.html which will explain more about how to order these.

    Want to learn more about our green printing?

  • Information about our commitment to our environment.
  • What we can Green Print.
  • Other Green Products we can supply.