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Merge Print Mail Bulk Mail Partner with Australia Post Lastest News: Merge Print Mail is now an official Bulk Mail Partner with Australia Post.

The Bulk Mail Partner (BMP) Program is a recognition scheme designed by Australia Post and the Major Mail Users of Australia (MMUA). It recognises mail houses that have invested in processes to make mail lodgement more efficient and effective.

Six years of helping businesses connect with customers.

Green Stamp of ApprovalFounded in 2008, Merge Print Mail is one of the most environmentally friendly printing and direct mail companies around. Take a look around our website and you'll be able to appreciate how we are making a major contribution to minimising our impact on the environment. Merge Print Mail was started with sustainability as our core business focus and not something to implement at a later stage when being sustainable becomes more recognised.

We are proud of our achievements and our commitment to ecologically aware business practices.

Print Green with Merge Print MailIf you haven't already considered it, Green printing is something you should be considering right now for your business, whether it be green print business cards, envelopes or something else from our green printed products. You'll be making a large contribution to our environment and if you're trying us for the first time we have a green print guarantee for ease of mind. We can also supply samples of your printing on request. Just ask!.

Merge Print Mail is a 100% Solar Powered BusinessBut if our green printing is not your thing, then you should still support our initiative to be green by buying or sourcing all your printing needs from us, whether it be laser or offset printed. This way you will be indirectly contributing to our environmentally friendly practices.

I look forward to helping you with your request.

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    Check out our current solar output from our onsite 6kW system;